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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Helen, GA

Helen isn’t just known for the quaint German village, or the annual Oktoberfest celebration. The chocolatiers and pastry chefs in this town are some of the best. From wedding cakes and European pastries to chocolate truffles and even the new ice cream rolls, Helen has enough treats to satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth. Here are some of our favorites in the town:


Any chocoholic lights up at the sight of fudge. Creamy, melt in your mouth, rich fudge just can’t be beaten and Kopper Kettle Fudge makes some of the best around. The best part about fudge is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so it makes the perfect souvenir to bring home with you from Helen. Sample their unique and delectable varieties and you’ll want to grab a hefty amount of each!

Funnel Cake & Strudel

When you’re in Helen, a trip to Granny’s Famous Funnel Cake Haus is an absolute must. Grab one of their signature funnel cakes, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with creamy ice cream. Enjoy your dessert outside and watch people pass by in the village. After one of these funnel cakes, the county fair stands will never be good enough again.

Gourmet Chocolates & Candies

Melt into chocolatey bliss at Hansel and Gretel Candy Kitchen with homemade truffles, fudge, and chocolate-caramel turtles. Around Christmas, this shop turns into Santa’s little workshop, making peppermint bark and Christmas apples that sell out daily. If you are looking for a gift to bring home to family and friends, some of their little treats would delight any chocolate lover, but only if you don’t eat them all on the drive home!

European Pastries & Desserts

If you like something sweet with your black coffee, then Hofer’s Bakery & Cafe is the spot to go. Indulge in their fresh baked doughnuts, cream puffs, torts, and other sweet treats made with traditional European practices. Plus, this great shop makes some of the most beautiful and delicious wedding cakes around. They’ve even been featured on Food Network’s “Secret Life of Wedding Cakes”. You won’t regret stopping by for one of their mouth watering pastries.

Rolled Ice Cream

On a hot day, nothing beats the cold, creamy, delectable Freeze Cream rolls in downtown Helen. “Freeze Cream? You mean ice cream?” You might ask. Close, but Freeze Cream is taking over the dessert world as the treat of choice. Toppings and flavors are placed upon a freezing cold slab and mixed with fresh cream (or alternative-milk cream) and rolled into little creamy cup of pure bliss. You will be absolutely blown away by the rich flavors and customized treats offered by this shop.

From ice cream to European pastries to fudge and more, there is no lack of sweets in Helen. Any one of these shops will leave you with a big smile and a craving for more. Maybe that is why everyone who visits Helen, GA leaves so happy!

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