Handcrafted Meads

Our small Batch Clan Reserve handcrafted meads are made using traditional techniques in order to preserve the natural flavors and aromas of local honey. We also offer a selection of Meads from Bee-Town Mead and Cider from South Carolina, also made by our winemaker.

Our Current Selection:

Clan Reserve Cherry Melomel (cherry mead, dry) – Award Winner

*USA Wineratings Silver Medal 2018

Honey sourced from Alisons Honey, White County, GA

Our inaugural honey wine was made with honey, water, cherries and yeast. It is unfiltered, hand bottled and all natural. At 15% alcohol, it offers a surprisingly smooth quaff full of round cheery flavor and honey overtones, with a long pleasant finish.

Coffee Metheglin (coffee, infused mead, dry) – Award Winner

*Mazer Cup International Mead Competition Bronze Medal 2019

Bee-Town Mead & Cider, South Carolina

Gallberry mead infused with Ecuadorian Organic Coffee from the Grind Coffee Roasters in Bluffton. Presents with a great coffee nose leading to a pleasant balanced finish.

Vanilla Cinnamon Mead (spiced, off-dry) 

Bee-Town Mead & Cider, South Carolina

Infused with Vanilla Bean and Cinnamon, this delightful mead offers just the right amount if subtle spice.

Wild Blueberry Mead (fruity, off-dry) 

Bee-Town Mead & Cider, South Carolina

A beautiful deep purple color, medium body of intense sun ripened blueberries with a delicate sweetness and balance that is neither syrupy nor watered down.

Tart Sour Cherry Mead (tart, semi-sweet)

Bee-Town Mead & Cider, South Carolina

This mead made with tart natural cherries offers just the right balance of balance of tart and sweet. Like cherry pie in a bottle.

Mango Mead (fruity, semi sweet) 

Bee-Town Mead & Cider, South Carolina

The wonderful tropical flavor of Mango perfectly balanced with local honey. Fantastic with spicy foods, especially curry.